Official visit of Albanian Competition Authority

Croatian Competition Agency, at the proposal of the Albanian Competition Authority, received in official visit the President of that institution, Mrs. Juliana Latifi. On this occasion, experience in implementing the competition law was exchanged, with a special emphasis on the experience of the AZTN in the negotiations for Croatia’s accession to the EU, and at the same time the Agreement on Cooperation between the two institutions was signed. The purpose of this agreement is to promote co-operation in the area of ​​enforcement of competition law and law, both national and European Union acquis, for which Albania has been an official candidate since June 2014. Specifically, the forms of mutual co-operation between the two bodies are foreseen, such as exchanges of experts, organization of seminars and study visits, meetings at expert and high level, professional training, exchange of literature and information on concrete cases from the practice of both bodies. Similar Agreements have already been signed by AZTN with the competition authorities of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.