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04. March 2019

CCA opens UTPs infringement proceeding against re-seller PLODINE

The Croatian Competition Agency opened an ex-officio infringement proceeding in respect of alleged unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain against the undertaking Plodine d.d. from Rijeka. The investigation will show whether Plodine used its superior bargaining power in the business deals with its suppliers.

25. February 2019

Croatian dairy market study for 2018

In November 2018 the CCA started a milk sector market study that involves twelve undertakings engaged in milk processing: Dukat, Vindija, Belje, Meggle Hrvatska, Zdenka-Mliječni proizvodi, PIK Rijeka, Mljekara Sinj, KIM, Novi Domil, Mljekara BIZ, Euro-Milk and Mini Mljekara Veronika. The first five on this list (Dukat, Vindija, Belje, Meggle Hrvatska, Zdenka-Mliječni proizvodi) held a combined market share of 88 per cent in the procurement of raw cow milk in Croatia in 2016. In 2017 the combined market share of the first five amounted to 91 per cent.

30. January 2019

One new member of Competition Council, two members reappointed

Based on the decision of the Croatian Parliament of 25 January 2019 two members of the Competition Council –Ljiljana Pavlic, MSc and Denis Matić, LLM, were reappointed for a second five-year term, whereas Mirta Kapural, PhD was appointed a new member after the now former official Tatjana Peroković, MSc has been relieved from duty.

18. December 2018

UTPs infringement procedure in dairy industry

Following an anonymous complaint, the Croatian Competition Agency opened an administrative proceedure against the milk processor and buyer VINDIJA d.d. from Varaždin to investigate whether unfair trading practices have been imposed on the suppliers in the food supply chain.

29. November 2018

CCA investigates possible unfair trading practices in grain business

Within its powers under the Unfair Trading Practices Act the Croatian Competition Agency opened ex-officio administrative proceedings against the grain buyer SLAVONIJA ŽUPANJA d.d. from Županja to investigate whether unfair trading practices have been imposed on the suppliers in the food supply chain.

09. November 2018

CCA international conference „Exchange of information between competitors, fixing prices or price components – the role of professional associations and chambers “

The 21st CCA conference was held in Zagreb on 7 November 2018 at the Croatian Chamber of the Economy. Its objective was to disseminate knowledge about allowed and prohibited exchange of information between competitors focusing on price or price components fixing. Special attention was given to the role of professional bodies in the exchange of information in the sense of competition rules.

08. November 2018

President of the Competition Council speaks about cartels

The national TV channel HRT 4 broadcasted yesterday an interview with the president of the Competition Council Mladen Cerovac and Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. The news programme Studio …