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07. July 2020

Press publishing market levels off while paid circulation drops

The regular market investigation into the Croatian press publishing market in 2019 shows a negative trend in the dailies and weeklies paid circulation market and the dailies advertising market. The falling trend that continues for years now includes both the fall in the paid circulation and the financial indicators. Only the weeklies advertising market remains unchanged compared with 2018.

30. June 2020

CCA initiates four infringement proceedings

Based on competition concerns the Croatian Competition Agency has initiated two infringement proceedings against Pivovara Daruvar d.o.o., one against Zagrebačka pivovara and one against the Croatian Football Federation.

29. May 2020

Lack of standing to act against Hrvatske šume

After having carried out an in-depth market investigation the Croatian Competition Agency decided that there had been no circumstantial evidence for opening of an infringement procedure against Hrvatske šume – the Croatian forestry and woodland management company in the sales of wood chips or firewood for the combined production of electricity and heat.

26. March 2020

CCA clears the concentration between MI braća Pivac and Kraš

The Croatian Competition Agency allowed the concentration between the undertakings MI braća Pivac and Kraš on the basis of the data contained in the notification and other collected information indicating that the implementation of concentration will not have significant anticompetitive effects in the affected relevant markets and it will in no way create or strengthen a dominant position in the market by the parties to the concentration.

20. March 2020

Driving schools price fixing cartel

The Croatian Competition Agency found that fourteen driving schools in the area of Split have participated in a prohibited cartel agreement. The total fine imposed is HRK 465.000