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19. September 2017

CCA clears Baumit/WP concentration

The concentration between the undertakings Baumit from Austria and W&P building materials from Croatia in the building materials manufacturing and distribution market will produce effects in the overlapping markets on which the connected undertakings I.T.V., Baumit Croatia and Kema are active

14. June 2017

CCA extends the duration of the concentration HT/Optima and gives conditional approval of the merger of H1 Telekom and Optima Telekom

The novel decision defines the new measures, conditions and deadlines that must be met by the parties in the forthcoming period in order to retain Optima’s position in the relevant market as the third independent rival, or to sell Optima and thereby open the possibility of creating a new operator that would be the third operator in the Croatian telecommunication market

16. May 2017

Accepted Commitments by Duing and Fred Bobek

Two companies active in the sales and servicing of the outboard engines, Duing d.o.o. from Viškovo and Fred Bobek d.o.o. from Vodice allegedly concluded with their partners and repair shops agreements that contained anticompetitive provisions

14. April 2017

Grand Auto did not distort competition

It was established in the course of the infringement proceeding that Grand Auto committed no infringement of competition rules. The authorised repairer provided the repair and maintenance services on its own. The sole fact that it did not accept any repairers in the authorised repairer’s network did not harm the consumers.