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11. January 2021

Thank you for your words of compassion

We would like to thank all the friends and colleagues, co-workers and fellow peers, home and abroad, who expressed their deep condolences and sent us their words of compassion at our time of grief for our dear president …

05. January 2021

CCA accepts HT/Optima trustee reports on implementation of remedies

The fifth and sixth report drafted by Deloitte d.o.o. - the trustee monitoring the implementation of the remedies under the decision on conditionally approved concentration between the undertakings Hrvatski Telekom and OT – Optima Telekom - have been accepted by the Croatian Competition Agency in December 2020.

30. December 2020

President of the Competition Council Mr Mladen Cerovac dies

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the president of the Competition Council, our colleague and friend, Mr Mladen Cerovac passed away from COVID-19 on 29 December 2020 in the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb. Mr …