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09. July 2018

New Memorandum of Cooperation between Kosovo Competition Authority and CCA

On 6 July 2018 the Kosovo competition authority delegation visited the Croatian Competition Agency where a new Memorandum of Cooperation was signed today. Both presidents agreed on improved exchange of experience in the implementation of competition law particularly based on the experience of the Croatian party in the Croatian EU negotiations process.

27. June 2018

CCA president at 13th meeting of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

Mladen Cerovac, the president of the Competition Council took part at the plenary session and held a paper dealing with the „Decisions of the associations of undertakings: price fixing and information sharing“ at the 13th gathering of the members of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.

27. June 2018

Čakovec Town Planning outside the scope of competition rules

In reply to a received query, the Croatian Competition Agency stated that the adopted proposal for the revision of the General Permitted Development of the Town of Čakovec of 26 April 2018 falls outside the scope of competition rules.

19. June 2018

CCA received no complaints regarding unfair trading practices

From 1 April 2018 when the Unfair Trading Practices Act became applicable to 8 June 2018 the Croatian Competition Agency received no formal or confidential complaint that would result in an infringement proceeding based on abuse of strong bargaining power by imposing unfair trading practices. The analysis of the data collected so far indicates that since 1 April 2018 the resellers extended their contracts and continued to deal with 68.33 per cent of the suppliers they had done business before the UTPs Act entered into force, in other words, they did not extend their relationship with 31.67 per cent of the previous suppliers.

12. June 2018

CCA wins Twining project in Montenegrin Competition Protection Agency

The Twinning project aims at upgrading the administrative capacities of the Montenegrin competition authority through the training of its staff in case handling, particularly involving complex economic analysis, evidence collection procedures, especially during surprise inspections (dawn raids) of the premises.

11. June 2018

CCA clears concentration between Extra FM and HIT FM

The Croatian Competition Agency approved the acquisition of direct control by the undertaking Extra FM over the undertaking HIT FM, that in the meantime has changed its name to Extra FM Zagreb.

24. May 2018

VIPnet – no abuse of dominant position

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) found that VIPnet did not abuse a dominant position in the access to public telephone network at a fixed location for residential and/or non-residential customers, retail fixed broadband access and Pay television in the territory of the Town of Varaždin and Varaždin County.

16. May 2018

Concentration cleared in the bakery products market

The Croatian Competition Agency cleared in the first phase the acquisition of joint control over the undertakings PAN-PEK Zagreb and PAN-PEK Đakovo by the undertakings FARUNO from Luxemburg and Ivan Parać, Zagreb.