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16. May 2017

Accepted Commitments by Duing and Fred Bobek

Two companies active in the sales and servicing of the outboard engines, Duing d.o.o. from Viškovo and Fred Bobek d.o.o. from Vodice allegedly concluded with their partners and repair shops agreements that contained anticompetitive provisions

14. April 2017

Grand Auto did not distort competition

It was established in the course of the infringement proceeding that Grand Auto committed no infringement of competition rules. The authorised repairer provided the repair and maintenance services on its own. The sole fact that it did not accept any repairers in the authorised repairer’s network did not harm the consumers.

22. March 2017

Medical gases companies not engaged in a cartel

Messer Croatia Plin Zaprešić, UTP – Uljanik Tehnički Plinovi Pula and Istrabenz Plini Bakar justifiably participated in a bidding consortium with the view to meeting the requirements of the bidding for the purchase of medical and non-medical gases by the Clinical Hospital Merkur. In line with the specified criteria the consortium had to offer the same prices for products that are equal for all the hospitals involved in the public tender

02. March 2017

Müller/Kozmo merger cleared by CCA

In its assessment the CCA found that the implementation of the concentration concerned will strengthen competition in the relevant market by creating competitive constraints on the market leader