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22. July 2016

Ericsson Nikola Tesla: Initiative for abuse of dominance dismissed

A detailed preliminary market investigation carried out by the Croatian Competition Agency showed that Ericsson Nikola Tesla is exposed to a strong market competition and therefore cannot behave considerably independently from its actual or potential competitors, customers, suppliers or consumers.

14. July 2016

CCA: No abuse by Ytong– it does not hold a dominant position

The Croatian Competition Agency established in the proceeding against the undertaking Ytong porobeton that pervious concrete is easily interchangeable or substitutable by other building materials used for the construction of walls and that Ytong porobeton does not hold …

17. June 2016

Business lease conditions of Academy of Music are unfunded

In the opinion of the Croatian Competition Agency the criteria identified in the public tender for the lease of commercial property in the basement of the Academy of Music in Zagreb create unnecessary burden for the potential bidders and as such they would not ensure a high quality and uninterrupted service

30. May 2016

Decisions of the High Administrative Court

Whereas the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia upheld the decision of the Croatian Competition Agency in the personal protection cartel case, it confirmed the claim in the marina’s cartel case explaining that the Croatian Competition Agency insufficiently established the facts of the case and ordered it to rectify the inconsistencies identified in the legal standing of the Court’s ruling