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28. October 2015

CCA closes the proceedings against Peugeot Hrvatska

In the abuse of dominance proceeding in the provision of repair services for motor vehicles and the sale of spare parts for motor vehicles of Peugeot car make the Croatian Competition Agency accepted the commitments proposed by the undertaking concerned, whereas it terminated the prohibited agreement proceeding in the sales of new motor vehicles against the same undertaking, exclusively within the meaning of competition rules

27. October 2015

Reaction of the Croatian Competition Agency to the article “Lex Mitsubishi: CCA affirms that the Central Customs Administration challenges competition” published in Nacional

The CCA stated in its opinion that exclusively within the meaning of competition rules it would be desirable to avoid the words “defining the recommended price” in the Ordinance on vehicle excise duty. The technical term used by both authorities, the competition authority and the customs administration, does not have the same meaning, which may cause misunderstandings by the recipients

15. October 2015

CCA clears merger between Slovenska industrija jekla and Perutnina Ptuj

Slovenska industrija jekla (SIJ) steps into the boots of Perutnina Ptuj whose market share in both relevant markets does not exceed 20 percent and who holds the second-best market share in Croatia after the undertaking Vindija. The merger will not affect the structure of the relevant markets concerned