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20. December 2016

CCA hosted international conference on Damages Directive

The conference provided for the insight into the legal solutions used in the transposition of the Damages Directive by other national laws but also opened a number of legal issues and tried to foresee the challenges related to the application of the Damages Directive in the future

15. December 2016

Tax adviser services for the members of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy

The bidding criteria in accordance to which exclusively companies or subsidiaries of tax counselling companies may bid for the provision of tax advisory services for the members of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy hinders the market entry for smaller service providers. The criteria stipulating additional qualifications and experience of certified tax advisers present additional barrier to entry

15. November 2016

CCA assesses the concentration between Optima and H1

The CCA found that the implementation of this concentration may have significant effect on competition in the relevant market. Consequently, the CCA opened a phase II investigation which will include an in-depth analysis, legal and economic, in the case concerned

15. November 2016

No takeovers but dynamic divestitures marked 2015 groceries retail

The results of the groceries market investigation show positive effects on competition. The competitive structure of the market has been retained and the interest of the consumers remained protected due to the CCA measures imposed in the conditionally approved concentration between Agrokor and Mercator

18. October 2016

Initiative against Autobusni kolodvor Split dismissed

The Croatian Competition Agency once again wants to call the attention of the undertakings that are at the same time owners of bus stations and providers of bus transportation services to operate the bus stations with particular care when they provide these services to their competitors

21. September 2016

CCA cleared the concentration between Valamar and Imperial Rab

The leading position of Valamar in the camp sites market in Primorje- Gorski Kotar County will be strengthened to some 25 % to 30 % market share. At the same time it will take the leading position in the apartments’ rental market with up to 5 % market share, whereas in the hotel market it will keep the second place with 5 % to 10 % market share

13. September 2016

CCA accepts commitments by Flora VTC

Addressing the competition concerns identified by the Croatian Competition Agency Flora VTC offered disapplication of 10% discount on the burial service if a client also bought the funeral supplies from the same undertaking. The decision of Flora VTC shall also be published on its website