CCA approved Geoplin/Crodux Plin merger

By implementing the concentration Geoplin will acquire the Crodux Plin natural gas part of the business producing effects on the natural gas retail supply market for smaller industrial gas buyers and commercial buyers and in the natural gas wholesale supply market in the territory of Croatia.

There are several competitors present in the Croatian gas supply market that are licenced by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency whereas any gas supplier is ensured access to the transport or any distribution system in line with the Gas Market Act.

At the same time, the analysis of the communicated and otherwise available data there are no barriers in the wholesale gas supply market.

Concretely, Geoplin is taking over Crodux Plin’s natural gas business, which gives it a share of between 2% and 10% on the relevant markets concerned.

The transaction will increase competitiveness on the Croatian market, where the leading wholesalers include oil and gas company INA, local group Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo (PPD) and Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP).