CCA assesses the concentration between Optima and H1

The Croatian Competition Agency opened the proceeding for the assessment of compatibility of concentration between Optima Telekom that operates within the HT Group, and H1 Telekom.

The complete notification of the concentration was received by the CCA on 14 October 2016. The CCA then carried out a market test in order to take into account the views of other participants in the market concerning the implementation of this concentration by sending their observations and replies to public invitation at issue.

Based on the evidence material that was attached to the notification, other data and available information, the CCA found that the implementation of this concentration may have significant effect on competition in the relevant market that involves the provision of electronic communication services in fixed-line network in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, both at the wholesale and the retail level.

Consequently, the CCA opened a phase II investigation which will include an in-depth analysis, legal and economic, in the case concerned.