CCA initiates four infringement proceedings

The infringement proceedings against Pivovara Daruvar d.o.o. and Zagrebačka pivovara (beer brewery companies) have been opened with respect to possible prevention, restriction or distortion of competition by the conclusion of a prohibited agreement within the meaning of Article 8 of the Competition Act, OG 79/09 and 80/13. There has been circumstantial evidence that the agreements these brewery companies concluded with their business partners contain provisions that contravene with the Regulation on block exemption granted to certain categories of vertical agreements, OG 37/11. In the course of the proceedings it will be established whether the agreements concerned constitute prohibited agreements under Article 8 of the Competition Act.

The infringement proceeding against the Croatian Football Federation has been opened regarding the possible existence of a prohibited agreement within the meaning of Article 8 paragraph 1 of the Competition Act or possible abuse of a dominant position within the meaning of Article 13 of the Competition Act regarding the sale of TV broadcast and other media rights for football championships and matches listed in the International tender of 20 April 2020 for the period from the start of the championship season 2022/2023 until the end of the season 2028/2029, with a possibility of extension for additional three championship years.

It must be noted that the mere opening of an infringement proceeding does not mean that the practices concerned necessarily constitute an infringement of the Competition Act. Within the proceedings the CCA will investigate all the relevant facts of the case and establish concrete evidence that substantiate the indices on the basis of which the proceeding has been opened in the first place. Only than the CCA will be able to decide on the merits of any case concerned.