CCA starts twining project in Montenegrin Competition Protection Agency

The kick-off meeting of the representatives of the Montenegrin Competition Protection Agency (MCPA), the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) and the Delegation of the EU marked the start of the implementation of the twinning light project “Strengthening of institutional and technical capacity of the Montenegrin Competition Protection Agency” under the IPA 2014 EU assistance programme worth EUR 250,000 that will be implemented in the next eight months.


The MCPA is an independent authority in charge of the tasks assigned to it within the scope and powers regulated under the Montenegrin Competition Act. The MCPA performs administrative and expertise activities in the area of competition law and policy involving, specifically, the assessment of agreements between undertakings, the establishment of abuse of a dominant position by undertakings in the market and merger control.

The Montenegrin Competition Act was revised in March 2018 with the view to setting up an operational authority empowered both for competition and State aid matters. The novelty that was introduced by the amended Montenegrin Competition Act was that all the activities relating to State aid that had previously been under the jurisdiction of the Commission for State Aid Control were brought together under the sole competence of the MCPA. The establishment of an independent State aid authority was the last benchmark for the opening of Chapter 8: Competition policy in the negotiations for the accession of Montenegro to the EU.