25. July 2019

Price fixing cartel in the sewage treatment market – CCA imposes fines

The Croatian Competition Agency detected a prohibited agreement – cartel between five undertakings in the Šibenik region who fixed the price in the provision of pumping out, transportation and disposal of human waste from septic tanks, holding tanks and black holes. The members of the cartel were imposed fines in the total amount of 141,000 Kuna.

25. July 2019

CCA Grocery Retail Market Inquiry for 2018: Distinct rising trend in groceries retail

In 2018 the realized turnover of the sample analysed by the Croatian Competition Agency has risen by 7 % or 2.5 HKR billion compared with 2017. The rise is more prominent than in the year before when it was 3.2 %. The market inquiry indicates the rise in the total number of outlets by 2 % (91 outlets) and the increase in the net sales space also by 2 % (23,700 m2).

12. July 2019

CCA accepts the third report of the monitoring trustee in HT/Optima

In July 2019 the Croatian Competition Agency accepted the Third semi-annual report of Deloitte d.o.o. - the Trustee monitoring the implementation of the remedies under the decision on conditionally approved concentration between the undertakings HT and Optima, and ordered that the Fourth semi-annual report should contain the explicit reference to concrete comments submitted by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) attached to the Third semi-annual report.

05. July 2019

HT remedy for HRVATSKI TELEKOM d.d. / OT-OPTIMA TELEKOM d.d. to remove competition concerns

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) hereby informs the public that on 3 July 2019 the Trustee Deloitte d.o.o. notified the CCA that within the prescribed time period under the decision of the CCA on conditionally compatible concentration Class: UP/I 034-03/2013-02/007, Reg. no.: 580-11/41-17-239, of 9 June 2017, Hrvatski Telekom d.d. submitted to the Trustee the documentation on the carried out preparation activities to divest OT-OPTIMA TELEKOM d.d.