11. July 2018

Lack of standing against HT, Vipnet and Tele2

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) dismissed the initiative for the initiation of the infringement proceeding allegedly based on a prohibited agreement concluded between Hrvatski Telekom (HT), Vipnet and Tele2 due to lack of standing to act.

09. July 2018

New Memorandum of Cooperation between Kosovo Competition Authority and CCA

On 6 July 2018 the Kosovo competition authority delegation visited the Croatian Competition Agency where a new Memorandum of Cooperation was signed today. Both presidents agreed on improved exchange of experience in the implementation of competition law particularly based on the experience of the Croatian party in the Croatian EU negotiations process.

27. June 2018

CCA president at 13th meeting of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers

Mladen Cerovac, the president of the Competition Council took part at the plenary session and held a paper dealing with the „Decisions of the associations of undertakings: price fixing and information sharing“ at the 13th gathering of the members of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.