Competition and Consumer Day 2019 in Helsinki

The conference was divided in two parts – two themes that were discussed in two separate panels. The first panel dealt with sustainability and EU competition law. The discussion was merely focused on positive effects that a particular behaviour, that would otherwise be prohibited by competition law, would have on sustainability, such as environmental protection or innovation. Despite the fact that the application of competition law should take into account the effects concerned, the question of how to assess such practices in competition proceedings remained open.

The second panel dissed the ways of consumer empowerment in the era of digitalisation, concretely, whether the consumer choice can really work in the digital era due to the passive role of the consumers and the lack of the control in the use of digital services.

The closing remarks were given by the director general of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, Kirsi Leivo, who announced the next European Competition Day that will be held in April 2020 in Zagreb.