Summary Annual Report of the Croatian Competition Agency for 2018

In compliance with its legal obligation, on 20 September 2019 the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) submitted its Annual Report for 2018 to the Croatian Parliament.

The Annual Report for 2018 outlines the CCA activities in the previous year and informs the political scene, the economic operators and all professional stakeholders about the operation of the CCA, ensuring the transparency and raising awareness about competition culture in the Republic of Croatia. Here are the highlights that marked the work of the CCA in 2018.

In 2018 the CCA resolved a total of 688 cases in the area of competition and unfair trading practices. This is a rise of 6.7 % in comparison with the previous report year.

The Annual Report of the CCA for 2018 is currently on the agenda of the 16 session of the Croatian Parliament.

Summary Annual Report of the CCA for 2018