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07. June 2022

High Administrative Court rejects the claims against the CCA infringement decision in scheduled bus transport case: CCA v Presečki grupa d.o.o., Rudi-express d.o.o., Jambrošić tours and Autobusni prijevoznik Turist

In its ruling of 9 March 2022, the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia rejected the statement of claim of Presečki grupa and upheld the infringement decision of the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) of 7 October 2021 specifying that the CCA provided a valid extensive explanation regarding the challenged issues identified by the Constitutional Court and thereby acted fully in compliance with the binding standing of the Constitutional Court. Furthermore, the proper findings and the conclusions of the CCA made in the infringement decision proved a proper application of the law and the relevant EU case law.

03. June 2022

CME Media and RTL Hrvatska merger approved

On 27 May 2022 the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) cleared in Phase I the concentration between the undertakings in the form of acquisition of direct controlling interest over the undertaking RTL Hrvatska by the undertaking CME Media on a permanent basis.

18. May 2022

Osijek Law Faculty Competition Law Centre of Excellence

In February 2022 Osijek Law Faculty started a new three-year Jean Monnet Competition Law Project – the South and East European Competition Law Centre of Excellence. The Project Leader is professor Dubravka Akšamović, Ph.D., from Osijek Law Faculty. …

22. March 2022

CCA clears STUDENAC / LONIA merger

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) cleared in phase I the concentration between the undertakings in the form of the acquisition of a direct controlling interest on the permanent basis over the undertaking Lonia, by the undertaking Studenac. This …