Cartel report and application for leniency

Detection and sanctioning of cartels is one of the priorities in the work of the CCA. However, keeping in mind that cartel activities are traditionally oral or tacit and informal, it can be extremely difficult to disclose them. This is why the information on the possible existence of a hidden cartel in a particular market or markets and concrete evidence on a prohibited agreement between direct competitors that are communicated by natural and legal persons to a competition authority are one of the key tools used in the sanctioning of the members of a cartel.

A business that informs the CCA of cartel activity may submit an initiative for the initiation of the proceeding for the establishment of a prohibited agreement that should contain information about the complainant (name and the seat of the legal person or the name and the address of the natural person concerned), the facts of the case or the description of the practices and circumstances on which the complaint is based, documents and other data and evidence that are available and support the allegations.

The complainant may ask the CCA to protect his/her identity. If the complainant believes that disclosing his/her identity may cause him/her harm, he/she may act anonymously.

For any further information on cartels please call +385 1 617 64 48.