CCA clears the concentration between Končar-Ulaganja and Construction Line Limited / Dalekovod

The concentration between the undertakings concerned will predominantly affect two relevant markets: the provision of services relating to design, construction and maintenance of substations and the manufacturing and sale of transformers.

The implementation of this concentration will lead to a partial horizontal overlap regarding the activities of the undertakings concerned in in provision of services in the design, construction and maintenance of substations in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

However, this relevant market is defined by customers, predominantly publicly owned enterprises that make their purchases subject to public procurement rules. In addition, besides the undertakings concerned, the customers have a choice to turn to a number of alternative sources of supply, home and abroad, which proves that this market is open and that the concentration concerned will not produce significant effects on their business deals and competition in this relevant market. This was also confirmed by the customers themselves during the assessment procedure.

Finally, no replies to the request for information that was published on the web site of the CCA with respect to the concentration concerned and its possible effects on competition have been received.