CCA clears the concentration between MI braća Pivac and Kraš

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) approved the transaction on the basis of which the undertaking MI braća Pivac acquires control over the undertaking Kraš.

The parties to the concentration, MI braća Pivac and Kraš are not active in the same relevant markets.

Both participants to the concentration market their products mostly in wholesale, in other words, they sell to big customers, primarily chain stores with a wide-spread retail network, significant logistics and distribution capacity in the territory of Croatia.

At the retail level both participants to the concentration have their own specialized retail stores. However, Kraš retail outlets does not market the assortment of Grupa Pivac products, while Kraš products share in Grupa Pivac outlets amounts to less than 1 %. After the implementation of the concentration concerned Grupa Pivac has no intent of increasing the share of Kraš products in its retail outlets.

The confectionery retail market is a fragmented market and, consequently, to a high degree competitive. The highest individual market share in this relevant market in accordance with the data in the notification is estimated at some 20 % – 30 %.