Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency and Croatian Competition Agency sign a memorandum of agreement

The parties committed themselves to cooperation in the area of competition in the financial services market including the capital market, the insurance market, the pension insurance based on individual capitalized savings, leasing, factoring and other financial services falling under the jurisdiction of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency with the view to ensuring effective competition. These markets also include the provision of services in the digital market and on digital platforms or the respective distance marketing of financial services.

Both authorities endeavour to join forces and contribute to protection and advocacy of sustainable and effective competition policy in these markets at the same time ensuring free access for entrants to all markets and preventing all forms of possible distortion of competition and abuse of strong market power by the undertakings in the relevant market.

The parties will provide mutual assistance, expert and technical, in concrete cases handled by any of the authorities, expert opinions upon the request of any of the parties, as well as carry out joint market studies and exchange relevant information and data.

The cooperation will also include necessary trainings of the experts from both parties in the area of competition, particularly by participating in workshops organized by other authorities and institutions and by organisation of joint trainings, events, round tables and conferences.