President of the Competition Council Mr Mladen Cerovac dies

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the president of the Competition Council, our colleague and friend, Mr Mladen Cerovac passed away from COVID-19 on 29 December 2020 in the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb.

Mr Cerovac was one of the founders of the Croatian Competition Agency from the very start of its operation in 1997. In 2013 he was appointed president of the Competition Council and has run the CCA ever since.

Mr Cerovac was and will remain one of the most prominent competition law experts in the Republic of Croatia but his work and knowledge surpassed the national borders. His experience was contagious for all the workers of the Croatian Competition Agency, lawyers, economists, academia, professors, and young students.

He is the author of the Croatian glossary of competition terms and the co-author of several books. He wrote a number of articles and he actively participated in the drafting of all Croatian competition laws and bylaws.

He was an erudite person whose knowing and learning went beyond the borders of his specialization. He shared it gladly together with his smile and the sense of humour that were a sign that we mattered.

His expertise, leading and experience shall be our inspiration and a beacon to follow in our endeavour to achieve at least a part of what he has given to us.

Dear Mladen, we thank you in honour of your legacy and we pay our deepest respect and gratitude,

Workers of the Croatian Competition Agency