UTPs: Administrative Court in Osijek upholds CCA decision sanctioning Iločki podrumi HRK 250,000 for imposition of unfair trading practices

On 10 February 2021 the Administrative Court in Osijek completely rejected the statement of claim of the re-seller Iločki podrumi d.d. in the administrative dispute against the respondent Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) requesting annulment of its infringement decision in the case concerned.

Namely, on 6 December 2019 the CCA adopted a decision establishing that the winemaker Iločki podrumi used its superior bargaining position by imposing unfair trading practices within the meaning of the Act on the prohibition of unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain (UTPs Act) on its grapes suppliers in the grape harvest 2018 and imposed the fine for the infringement concerned in the amount of HRK 250,000, prohibiting Iločki podrumi any further practices concerned.

The ruling of the Administrative Court in Osijek is still not legally valid on the account of the fact that Iločki podrumi can appeal to the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia.

Please find the press release about the previously taken decision of the CCA in the case against Iločki podrumi available under the following link:


The integral text of the CCA non-confidential decision in the Croatian language is available here: