On-line lecture by Mirta Kapural, PhD on mergers in digital markets for postgraduates of University of Rijeka

On 4 September the member of the Competition Council of the Croatian Competition Agency Mirta Kapural, PhD held a guest lecture at the postgraduate specialist studies of the University in Rijeka “Corporate finance law”.

The title of the on-line presentation was “Mergers in EU digital markets”. In the sense of competition law, the introductory part dealt with the specific nature of digital markets whereas the main part focused on the EC case study of the Microsoft/LinkedIn merger. Special emphasis was laid on new digital markets, digital mergers, digital platforms and the proposals for the new digital package – the EU Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act.

Competition policy constitutes one of the most important EU policies. The understanding of the complex competition regime is essential in digital markets for any operator active in this market. Taking into consideration that this knowledge is crucial for future lawyers and economists that will be one day included in the internal market, such lectures provide additional expertise in their future carriers.