About us

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) is a legal person with public authority which was established by the Decision of the Croatian Parliament of 20 September 1995 and became operative in early 1997.

The CCA independently and autonomously performs the activities within its scope and powers regulated under the Competition Act (Official Gazette 79/09) and the Act on the Amendments to the Competition Act (Official Gazette 80/13). The CCA is accountable for the delivery of its objectives to the Croatian Parliament.

Why protect competition? Because it works well for consumers and creates a level playing field for market participants, which on their part, acting in compliance with the existing rules and competing with quality and price of their products, provide choice and value. Competition means strong incentives for firms to be more efficient and innovative, helping to raise productivity across the economy.

Our job is to make sure that different kinds of anticompetitive practices – be it price fixing, market sharing, abuse of a dominant position – are detected, assessed and accordingly sanctioned if they represent infringements of competition rules. The same applies to the assessment of compatibility of concentrations. The rules we apply are not merely repressive but in the first place have a deterrent effect. We strongly believe in awareness raising and dissemination of knowledge about competition law and policy, which is our constant priority.

We advocate competition culture and identify the barriers contained in the existing and new laws that impede free and fair competition among undertakings in the market. We promote understanding of competition rules within all the three branches of the governmentlegislative, judicial, and executive, we take part in the amendments of the non-compliant rules and inform the public administration and the wider public thereof. We believe advocacy helps in spreading public awareness and education and contributes to the overall economic development.

Finally, competition brings benefits for all: consumers, businesses and the overall economy. It ensures wider choice, higher quality of goods and services and lower prices. It facilitates innovation and economic growth. This is why raising awareness in promoting competition culture we find particularly important.