The aim of the protection of market competition is primarily to create benefits for consumers and equal conditions for all entrepreneurs on the market, who, acting in accordance with the existing rules and competing on the market with the quality, price and innovation of their products and services, contribute to the overall development of the economy.


Implementation of the UTPs Act: CCA opens proceeding against STUDENAC retailer


The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) opened ex officio infringement proceeding within the meaning of the Act on prohibition of unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain (UTPs Act) with the view to identifying whether the buyer/trader Studenac d.o.o. used its strong bargaining power and imposed unfair trading practices on its suppliers of agri […]

Cooperation agreement between CCA and Faculty of Economics and Business


The president of the Competition Council, Mirta Kapural, Ph.D. LLM and the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, associate professor, Sanja Sever Mališ Ph.D., signed a cooperation agreement between these institutions on 1 March 2023. The agreement is significant for both parties, given the fact that knowledge of competition rules […]

First regional meeting on unfair trading practices in Vienna


The representatives of five countries in the region – Austria, Czechia, Rumania, Slovenia, and Croatia – participated in the first regional meeting of enforcement authorities both in the area of competition and prohibited unfair trading practices in the food and agri products supply chain, held in Vienna on 14 February 2023. The experts from the […]

CCA dismisses complaints against telecoms – A1, HT and Telemach


The Croatian Competition Agency dismissed two initiatives for the initiation of the infringement proceeding against A1 Hrvatska d.o.o., Hrvatski Telekom d.d. and Telemach Hrvatska d.o.o. due to lack of standing to act with respect to the allegations of the complainants that the telecoms concerned concluded a prohibited agreement within the meaning of Article 8 of […]

OECD mission in the area of competition


After the Republic of Croatia has been given the status of a candidate country in January 2022 the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) additionally intensified its activities in the accession discussion for OECD membership. Following the comprehensive initial questionnaire for accession comprising a review of the institutional and legislative framework in the area of competition and […]

CCA fines TRGOCENTAR from Zabok EUR 13,272 for imposing unfair trading practices


The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) fined Trgocentar d.o.o., Zabok HRK 100,000 (EUR 13,272.28) for the serious infringement of the Croatian Act on the prohibition of unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain (UTPs Act). The investigation showed that Trgocentar used its strong bargaining power and imposed unfair practices on one of its fresh […]