CCA 2023 Annual Conference “Annual Highlights” held in Zagreb

  The CCA Annual Conference 2023 under the title “Annual Highlights” was held on 20 April 2023 in the Croatian Employers’ Association, Zagreb. The half-day conference discussed the highlights in…

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Interview with the president of CCA Council Mirta Kapural, Ph.D. published in Concurrences Review N° 2-2023

02. Lip 2023.

You can read the interview at the link

Implementation of the UTPs Act: CCA opens proceeding against KONZUM plus

31. Svi 2023.

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) opened ex officio infringement proceeding within the meaning of the Act on prohibition of unfair trading practices in the business-to-business food supply chain (UTPs Act)…

CCA opens infringement proceeding against Croatian Chamber of Architects

25. Svi 2023.

The Croatian Competition Agency started ex-officio proceeding against the Croatian Chamber of Architects, Zagreb based on the complaint alleging distortion of competition by conclusion of a prohibited agreement within the…

CCA terminates proceeding against Croatian Post due to lack of evidence of unfair pricing

09. Svi 2023.

On 3 February 2022 the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) opened ex officio infringement proceeding against Croatian Post – the undertaking HP – Hrvatska pošta d.d. (HP) with its seat in…

Commission further cuts red tape for merging businesses

27. Tra 2023.

The European Commission has today adopted a package to further simplify its procedures for reviewing concentrations under the EU Merger Regulation. The package includes: (i) a revised Merger Implementing Regulation (‘Implementing Regulation'),…

Setting the chargeable man hour rate exclusively as time needed for the provision of a service is allowed in the sense of competition rules

04. Tra 2023.

Considering permanent queries made by associations of undertakings and professional chambers relating to setting chargeable man hour rates, the Croatian Competition Agency informs the undertakings and associations of undertakings that…


Report any form of distortion of market competition. Any legal or natural person who has a legal or economic interest in it, as well as a professional or economic interest association, a chamber of entrepreneurs, a consumer association, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, state bodies administrations and bodies of local and regional self-government units.


A cartel is the most serious form of distortion of market competition. Discovering cartels and punishing the participants is one of the most important tasks of the Agency. However, given that prohibited agreements - cartels are usually secret agreements between entrepreneurs, their detection is an extremely difficult and complex task. For this reason, information about suspected cartel existence in certain markets is one of the key tools for sanctioning cartel participants.

Notification of prohibited agreements in public procurement procedures

Regulations on the protection of market competition also apply to public procurement procedures, but only to entrepreneurs who appear as bidders in these procedures.

Public Procurement

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Prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption in the field of public procurement

Pursuant to Article 80, Paragraph 2 of the Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette, No. 120/16), there are no economic entities with which the Agency for the Protection of Market Competition, as a public contracting authority, may not enter into public procurement contracts.