The aim of the protection of market competition is primarily to create benefits for consumers and equal conditions for all entrepreneurs on the market, who, acting in accordance with the existing rules and competing on the market with the quality, price and innovation of their products and services, contribute to the overall development of the economy.

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CCA clears joint control over Solvis by Slovenian investment fund Advance Capital Partners and Stjepan Talan

The Slovenian Advance Capital Partners (ACP) announced in mid-May that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Stjepan Talan and Solvis. Under this agreement, a special investment fund managed by ACP will become a 60 % owner of Solvis after fulfilling suspensive conditions and obtaining approval from the relevant competition authorities.


In this case, there will be a change from sole to joint control over Solvis. Until now, Solvis has been solely controlled by the undertaking Stjepan Talan, who resides in Croatia. Following the implementation of the concentration, the Slovenian investment fund ACP and Stjepan Talan will take joint control over Solvis and its affiliated companies.

This concentration will primarily affect the market for the production and sale of photovoltaic panels in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the EU member states, the development and construction services for photovoltaic systems (solar power plants) in Croatia, and the production and sale of electricity in Croatia.

In this case, there is no overlap between the participants to the concentration, either horizontally or vertically, in relation to the markets they are present in and the activities they perform. Since this concentration has no anticompetitive effects in the relevant markets concerned, the CCA will not initiate a concentration assessment procedure. Therefore, the notified concentration has been cleared at the first level according to the provisions of the Competition Act.

By investing in the Solvis group, ACP considers this group a suitable company for further growth and development in the solar industry, which will also enable better quality and energy efficiency, as well as an easier transition for more households and business users to solar panels.

There are no indications that this concentration would be likely to produce negative effects on competition as it does not create a new or strengthen an existing dominant position of the participants to the concentration within the meaning of the legal provisions.

Taking everything into account, the CCA cleared this concentration in the first phase within the meaning of the Competition Act.