Mission and vision

Effective competition is one of the basic prerequisites for the normal functioning of the market. Creating markets which work well for consumers is its ultimate goal. Yet, competition does not happen of its own accord: its effectiveness depends both on the behaviour of the participants on the market and the ones who shape and implement its rules. Effective competition includes all government authorities whose job is to create clear and predictable rules, skilled and well-equipped staff who enforce these rules and effective enforcement record.

The Croatian Competition Agency implements the Competition Act and the State Aid Act with the aim of ensuring a level playing field for all participants in the market regardless of their position, size or market power, and establishing a state aid regime which prevents placing certain undertakings to a more advantageous position in the market to those who do not receive state aid.

The mission of the CCA is creating a market which works well for consumers. Effective competition drives the long-term productivity growth based on efficient allocation and use of limited resources, environmental protection, innovation and investment promoting these objectives. Strengthening of the rule of law in the area of competition and state aid, raising competition culture and awareness of the benefits which fair competition brings to the consumers and tax payers, and the control of the practices of both undertakings and the State in the market, are essential in the mission of this competition authority.

Vision of the CCA is to establish effective competition which will promote long-term economic growth by creating conditions for the development of, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises, open markets and lift barriers to entry. In other words, our vision is to contribute to the development of the Croatian society by establishing a competition regime to the benefit of its citizens through lower prices, greater choice and better-quality goods and services. Such a regime is to encourage undertakings to apply new ideas and new products, adjust their business strategies to demands of the consumers and make investment which will result in job creation and growth.

Objective of the CCA is not to protect competitors of any undertaking. It is to create a modern approach to the enforcement policy in the area of competition which relies on deterrence and sanctioning of anticompetitive practices which harm the consumers.

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