Reporting bid-rigging in public procurement procedures

Cartels constitute the most harmful restriction of competition rules. Cartel is an agreement between undertakings that are competitors in the market.

Prijava zabranjenih sporazuma

Competition rules also apply to public procurement procedures but only to undertakings that act as bidders in these procedures.
The most frequent indicators of bid rigging schemes (prohibited agreements between competitors in public procurement procedures) usually involve price fixing, bid rotation, market allocation, bid suppression or cover or fictitious bidding. “Bid rigging” is a secret prohibited restrictive agreement between competitors that has all the features of a cartel and as such constitutes a hard-core restriction of competition rules.
Any information or knowledge of the existence of a likely prohibited agreement (bid-rigging) in the public procurement procedure should be communicated to the CCA in the form of an initiative or a written submittal in person or by mail using the following address:

Croatian Competition Agency
Savska cesta 41
10 000 Zagreb

or by email