15. December 2017

Croatian association of forestry engineers must align its pricelists with competition rules

The Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers as a professional association is duly empowered to adopt pricelists. However, the Croatian Competition Agency warns the professional association concerned that when working out the new pricelists the association should refrain from prescribing a minimum price or fixing the price and repeal the sanctioning of its members if it is in their economic interest to apply lower prices

12. December 2017

20th anniversary of the Croatian Competition Agency

On 15 November 2017 the Croatian Competition Agency marked twenty years of its operation by organizing an international conference in Zagreb that was visited by more than a hundred experts, judges, attorneys and representatives of academia and business community who took part in the fruitful discussion about the work of the CCA, judicial review of its decisions and challenges in the future


Please report any form of distortion of competition.

Merger notification

Prior to the implementation of a concentration it is obligatory to notify the concentration to the CCA for assessment of its compatibility with the internal market.

Trustee Mandate