Časnik Finance and Business Media Croatia concentration cleared

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) approved the implementation of the concentration between the undertakings Časnik Finance from Ljubljana, Slovenia and Business Media Croatia from Zagreb, Croatia (BMC). The undertakings concerned are active in the B2B magazine publishing and advertising therein in Slovenia and Croatia.

The core activity of Časnik Finance is publishing and organisation of seminars, workshops and conferences. The undertaking is owned by the Swedish Bonnier Business Press AB.

BMC is engaged in press publishing, particularly of magazines in specialized areas such as Mineral, TehnoEko, Restaurant & Hotel, Pharmabiz and Kamion & Bus. All magazines are published every two months and are directly distributed to their target readers. Only Kamion & Bus is sold on newsstands. BMC also organizes professional conferences, fairs and workshops in the specific areas covered by the magazines. The majority of its revenue generates from the publishing activity.

BMC is owned by Nenad Žunec who is also the owner of Business Media from Ljubljana and Trans Digital form Zagreb. Business Media from Ljubljana is a part of the transaction on the basis of which Časnik Finance acquires control over BCM whereas Trans Digital is not involved in the transaction concerned.

The assessment analysis carried out by the CCA on the basis of the data contained in the notification and other available data showed that BCM holds a market share lower than 5 % in the B2B magazines publishing sold in the territory of Croatia and advertising therein, while its competitors RriF-plus and Lider-Media hold much higher market shares ranging from 10% and 20% in the relevant market concerned.

Thus, everything lead to the conclusion that the concentration concerned could not have anticompetitive effects since it does not create or strengthen a dominant position of any undertakings concerned. It was also taken into account that no observations followed the request for information published on the CCA website in respect of this concentration.