Konzum plus remains the leading groceries retailer, Schwarz Grupa on the rise

The Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) carried out the Groceries retail market investigation, including food, beverages and sanitary products for households in Croatia for 2019. The total sample of 52 undertakings included two new undertakings – Robin and Dergez, that both have their outlets in Koprivnica-Križevci County. Robin is a noteworthy retailer in Koprivnica-Križevci County with one outlet in Varaždin County. Since 2019 both retailers are partner dealers of Narodni trgovački lanac (NTL) and are entitled to use its brand name.

As the leading groceries retailer in 2019 Konzum plus recorded a single-digit percentage turnover rise. It held a market share of 20 % to 30 % that actually fell in 2019 due to the growth of its main competitors. Konzum plus had a total of 615 outlets in 2019 – 8 outlets less, and a decrease in the net sales space compared with 2018.

In 2019 the members of Schwarz Grupa, on the other hand, kept their rising trend whereas Lidl recorded the highest two-digit nominal rise in its retail turnover. The market share of Lidl was 10 % to 20 % with a rise by one percentage point. The other member of Schwarz Grupa – Kaufland also recorded a rise in its turnover that was still lower than Lidl’s, whereas its mildly rising market share was 5% – 10%.

Both members of Schwarz Grupa together held a combined market share of 20% – 30% that has brought Schwarz Grupa a leading position for the first time in years.

In 2019 there were 38 undertakings recording a turnover rise in groceries retail compared with 34 of them in 2018. However, 12 retailers recorded a falling trend, in other words, a fall in their turnover in comparison with 14 with a falling trend in the year before. Two new undertakings included in the study this year have not been taken into account.

Finally, in 2019 there were 13 retailers holding a market share of more than one percent in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, in 2018 there had been 14 retailers that made it above this threshold.

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